Google Analytics: Suivi yon Paj Twazyèm Pati

Ou ka te li ke mwen achte yon paj nan la MillionDollarWiki. It's worth the money to help drive traffic to my site – I think this is a huge opportunity for many companies to make a minimal investment with a large payback. Special thanks to John Chow pou brase lide a!

Mwen te achte a Email Mache, Corporate Blogging ak Web Analytics pages and want to continue to expand the content out to be a comprehensive resource on anything to do with Email Marketing and Corporate Blogging respectively. With a one-hundred dollar investment, it's really a no-brainer if the Wiki continues to grow in popularity.

The real question is whether or not it will be seen as a reliable source or not! If it's not, people won't use it – and it will fail to have any return on my investment. I believe it's worth the gamble though – especially if I can win that LCD ke Jan gen nan konpetisyon li an! 🙂

To ‘watch my investment', I want to be able to track how many folks actually visit the wiki page. Thankfully, the folks at MillionDollarWiki are allowing people to embed other pages within their page using frames. The Wiki syntax is as follows:

sit entènèt = http: //
wotè = 100
width = 100
fwontyè = 0
woulo liv = non
> / websiteFrame>

Se konsa, yo swiv paj la se trè senp. Mwen ajoute yon paj nan pwòp sit mwen an ki gen kòd swiv Google Analytics mwen an ladan li. Mwen referansye paj sa a nan ankadreman sit entènèt la epi mete wotè ak lajè tou de a 1.

sit entènèt = https: //
wotè = 1
width = 1
fwontyè = 0
woulo liv = non
> / websiteFrame>

Each time someone visits the wiki page, it will show up in my Google Analytics. To ensure I can track it independently, I've added a parameter to my Analytics code to track the Wiki page. This is the code in mytrackingpage.html:

Ki sa ou panse?

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