Solisyon pou PCAnywhere ensèk ak Vista

Mwen pa te wè okenn LiveUpdate oswa dokiman sou ensèk sa a, men aparamman li afekte lòt itilizatè PCAnywhere Vista tou. Olye ke tann Symantec vini ak yon ranje, mwen kalkile ke motè a rann, Winawe32.exe se sa ki lakòz pwoblèm nan.

  1. Dwa-klike sou ekstrè ou epi chwazi Manadjè Objektif Travay la.
  2. Chwazi tab Pwosesis la.
  3. Mete aksan sou Winawe32.exe epi klike sou Pwosesis Fen.
  4. Lè yo avèti, klike sou Oke.
  5. Fèmen PCAnywhere.
  6. Reouvri PCAnywhere epi ou ta dwe wè tout telekomand ou yo kounye a.

Ta bon si Symantec fikse ensèk sa a ak PCAnywhere, li nan yon doulè reyèl.

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    Issue has been fixed in pcAnywhere 12.5. Now currently in beta at

    Here’s what is happening:
    pcAnywhere manager (winaw32.exe) launches SessionController.exe. If winaw32.exe times out before sessioncontroller.exe has loaded, then it results into blank screen. This could happen if the system is busy at the time pcaw32.exe is launching.

    If this is happening consistently, then try launching SessionController.exe first, wait a few seconds and then launch pcAnywhere manager. This should work.

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  3. 3

    So, the 12.1 that I paid for doesn’t work, and there’s no mention of a patch that’s available from Let me guess, the 12.5 version, is available, if you want to pay for the product all over again, and meanwhile, lose customers. PcAnywhere has, over the last several years, turned into a piece of junk, extremely sloppy programming and testing, the lack of ownership and responsibility is all too apparent for someone like me that has coded in 8 different languages and supports systems for a living.

  4. 4

    Our company has used pcAnywhere for remote administration for nearly two decades now. The bugs in the recent versions (11.0 and higher) have been getting increasingly frustrating, and we have discovered that the Enterprise version of RealVNC does the same job, using less system resources, for less money per install… and doesn’t have the annoyance of only being able to host one session at a time.

    To elaborate: Using the “Call Remote” feature of a pcAnywhere host ties up the client, in that the same Remote cannot have 2 Hosts “call” it at the same time. Being a network coder, this makes no sense to me. VNC does not have this issue, and seems to “just work”, even on machines that pcAnywhere won’t even install on.

    The Enterprise version of RealVNC works on Vista with no issues, although the free version “host” can’t run as a service on Vista (listens just fine, but immediately resets the connection every time you connect). In addition, VNC is truly cross-platform and works “out of the box” on graphical Linux environments, whereas pcAnywhere hosts can only run Windows(tm).

    Wow, this sounds like a plug. However, I’m not related to RealVNC in any way other than being a quite satisfied customer, after pcAnywhere’s foibles and quirks forced us to find another remote administration product. We still use pcAnywhere on our installed customer base, but we’re not purchasing any new licenses from them.

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    Great, versions earlier than 12.1 wouldn’t run on Vista, so I bought 12.1. I’ve found that there’s no patch for 12.1, in fact, I don’t think 12.1 is even supported anymore, despite it being on the market not that long ago, but you’re welcome to go out and pay for another version 12.5 now.

  6. 6

    mab, you should be able to get 12.5 for free. Updates that don’t increase the major version number (the 12) are usually free. You’ll probably have to contact their support though, it’s a pain but I upgraded 12.0 to 12.1 in this way.

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      Even 12.5 is flakey. I have to down grade the remotes garphic modes in order to start or reliably maintain a connection. Just waiting for some time and I'll be evaluating VNC as a replacement. PCA is now dead as far as I'm concerned. It seems Symantec are not supporting it and don't care.

      If anyone knows of any Symantec PCA update, service pack, etc for 12.5 I'd sure like to know about it.


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