Mwen fatige ak FPAM

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Si ou sou Facebook, w ap resevwa FPAM'd, se pa ou?

Li son trè komik, men li pa. Mwen panse ke se sa mwen pral kòmanse rele li ... FPAM = Spam Facebook. Inbox imèl mwen an plen zanmi envite, envitasyon evènman reyèl, envitasyon zanmi vityèl, zanmi m 'yo gen kesyon pou mande m', mwen ta dwe enstale aplikasyon Facebook sa a, mwen ta dwe pi bon zanmi yo, mwen ta dwe pale tankou yon bato frickin ....

Kite m 'pou kont mwen, Facebook!

Lavi mwen pa vire toutotou Facebook - ni lavi sou entènèt mwen an. Facebook se youn nan rezo sosyal ke mwen fè pati yo. Li parèt ke li ap eseye tout nan yo. Nou te gen ke yon fwa, li te rele Prodigy. Eske ou mesye sonje sa? AOL te la tou. Tou de pa t 'ISPs nan moman an, yo te ap eseye yo dwe tout bagay ou bezwen sou entènèt. AOL menm te fè ou browse entènèt la ak navigatè yo pou byen yon ti tan.

Li pa t 'travay lè sa a, epi li pa pral travay kounye a. Facebook - ou pa pral sant la nan lavi mwen. Mwen gen twòp zanmi (andeyò Facebook), yon lavi sosyal nan mond reyèl la, ak lòt enterè nan mond vityèl la.

Kite m 'pou kont mwen, Facebook!

Gen yon gwo lide pou yon aplikasyon sou facebook, aplikasyon "Kite m pou kont mwen". Aplikasyon sa a bloke tout demann fèk ap rantre pou anyen epi li reponn a moun ki fè demann lan avèk yon imèl ki di, "Kite m pou kont mwen". Lè ou vizite paj Facebook mwen an, li ta dwe li, "Kite m 'pou kont mwen!"

Kite m 'pou kont mwen, Facebook!

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  1. 1

    Hey Doug

    It could be that you’ve to many friends on facebook.

    However, If you don’t want to get invites, then change your search settings on Facebook so no one can find you and make friend requests, message you and so on and so forth. I looked my profile down tighter then a prison and now only get invites/messages from people I want.

  2. 3

    I actually deactivated my account a couple days ago. Upon deactivation they ask you why. One of the options were “other” with a text box. They asked for it. I put:

    “Pretty soon you will sell/give my information to advertising campaigns that will target ads specifically towards me, if you haven’t all ready.”

    I doubt it will stir anything over there, but they gave me a chance to put my two cent in. Naturally, I took it!

  3. 4

    I can stand the emails from from Facebook about events or wall messages or friend requests. What I can’t stand is emails from applications that I don’t want. If any application emails me then I instantly block it now.

    I like the idea of a “Leave me alone” application though! It would save me 5 minutes a week when I hit “from:facebook” in Gmail and delete the lot.

  4. 5

    What you’re describing has recently been defined as bacn.

    But you can actually change the setting on what notifications Facebook sends you – Just look under Account > Notifications. You could uncheck all of the options and then you probably won’t get as many e-mails 😉

  5. 7

    I enjoy interacting with friends, especially those with whom I do develop relationship and have things in common with.

    To me, a friend is someone that I know, that I have things in common with, and that we can both add value to each others lives.

    Perhaps what is needed is a ‘grading’ of friends? Some are allowed to get closer than others, while still others are just acquaintances that you see around the place from time to time!

    The ones that bug me are the ‘friends’ that try to sell me something everyday. I’ve begun to ‘unfriend’ them once they start that!

    I’m also sick of being bitten by vampires and werewolves, and am facing the dilemma of running out of my supply of silver bullets!

    What a lot of people don’t realize is that adding applications means that their details are being spread further afield every time they add them!

  6. 8

    A lot of helpful opinions in here.

    Also to the comment by Stephen. Facebook launched Flyers Pro on Monday, which is like Google Ad Words. Facebook won’t be selling your information, but their system does read your profile and you’ll see flyers based around what you put down on Facebook from advertiser.

    I don’t think this is a bad thing. I think for most people it’s learning how to use Facebook and tweak it to their taste. I’ve designed it so I only get information that I want, which has been what made Facebook so appealing from the start. If you don’t like something change your settings.

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