Sèvis Kliyan nan Medya Sosyal

pou sèvis kliyan

In our social media engagements, our first priority with companies we work with is to ensure their business is fully prepared for engaging prospects and customers online. While the companies may see social media as a potential marketing opportunity, they don't realize that people online don't care what their purpose is… they only care that there's an opportunity to speak to the company. This opens the door to dealing with customer service issues in the public eye… and companies need to recognize the pitfalls and the opportunities.

sa a infographic mete aksan sou stats konvenkan, pou egzanp, kliyan ki angaje yo ak konpayi atravè medya sosyal depanse 20% -40% plis ak konpayi sa yo. Se konsa, ki jan ou itilize medya sosyal lè kominike avèk mak antrepriz oswa ak pwòp kliyan ou a?

Fix an issue that a customer is having via social media and you'll find it's one of the best marketing channels you've ever worked in. Leave them hanging, and you'll find out the opposite is true.

Sèvis Kliyan ak Medya Sosyal

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