Michael Peggs

Michael Peggs se fondatè a Marccx Media, yon ajans maketing dijital ki espesyalize nan SEO ak Maketing kontni. Anvan Marcxx, Peggs te travay nan Google nan devlopman biznis, fòme medya dijital ak patenarya piblisite. Li se tou yon Blogger ak podcaster, hosting iTunes Top 10 New & Remakab Podcast Ou Inivèsite a.
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    ap viv videyo kouran

    Kouman efikas se difizyon Live pou mak ou a?

    As social media continues to explode, companies are on an evolving quest for new ways of sharing content. In the past, most businesses stuck to blogging on their website, which made sense: It’s historically been the cheapest, easiest, and most time-efficient means of generating brand awareness. And while mastering the written word remains essential, studies are indicating that the production…